Elcito: one of the smallest villages in Italy where the stars are closer.

Today I take you in a small enchanted village with just seven inhabitants, in the heart of the Marche Region, in Italy.

Elcito, a fraction of San Severino Marche (MC) is a tiny magical village where time seems to have stopped. This small town castled on a cliff at 824 meters above sea level has an incredible atmosphere. Amazing views and unique colors, houses and alleys that tell you a little bit of their history, an incredible wonderful landscape. In Elcito there are just 7 inhabitants today and they live in harmony, like a small family.
The Hamlet – the remains of an ancient castle – is located on the slopes of the Natural Reserve of Monte San Vicino and Monte Canfaito. It is a reference point for those who want to explore this beautiful area.
I have discovered a curious fact: not all the inhabitants come from this small town and not everyone is a pensioner. I had the pleasure of having a chat with Mr. Franco and Mrs. Lina, the owners of the bar "Il Cantuccio". This very kind couple is from the Abruzzo region and moved to Elcito 20 years ago, as they fell in love with this village, for its simplicity and magic. A year ago they realized dream and they opened this activity, offering travelers the opportunity to treat themselves by eating homemade sandwiches or drinking a nice hot chocolate outdoors. In Elcito, in fact, there has never been a shop in the past, because the community was independent and had an intense relationship with the land, the primary source of livelihood.
Another thing that impressed me was the peace and serenity that this place transmitted to me. Although the village is so small and has few inhabitants, despite the fact that there were few tourists on that day, the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. The mobile phones seemed to respect the harmony of this lifestyle, made of only human connections, while the hands of our watches seemed to go back... An incredible experience, which I recommend to all those who occasionally need to disconnect from this frenetic world and relax in an environment full of nature and magic, where the stars are closer!

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- Ancona Falconara Airport (56 km) - About 1h car
- Milan (470 km) - about 5 hours by car. Useful info: with the Freccia Rossa train (Milan Central Central-Ancona) you can reach Ancona in 3 hours.
- Rome (250 km) - approx. 3h15 min by car