Food Shopping in Le Marche: discover some local food companies

The best Italian recipes selection criteria is based on outstanding ingredients and in Le Marche it is no different. In this region, flavors are unique and straightforward and the local food companies can really influence the final result.
To experience it yourself, when traveling in Le Marche, after tasting the extraordinary local food, I suggest you visit a wine shop and a supermarket. It’s a chance to both step into local life and bring home some delightful food souvenirs. In Italy, food shops and groceries stores are a wonderland.
During the X-Dinner, a social dinner organized in Ancona, I had the opportunity to taste and learn more about many Italian and “Made in Marche” food companies.
Let’s introduce you a selection of some local companies and their products: a variety of great ideas for exceptional menus during your trip!

1) La Pasta di Camerino: local producers are the way to go.
Everybody knows: pasta is integral part of Italy's food history and each region has different recipes and shapes of pasta. So how can we talk about Le Marche food and not mention a delicious pasta?
Starting as a small artisan workshop, over the years the company has grown and conquered domestic and foreign markets; today it has 40 employees and a production of around 200 quintals of pasta every day. Famous for its dried egg pasta, La Pasta di Camerino was voted as the pasta with the best quality-price ratio in Italy.
The family Maccari, the owners, decided to preserve the “grandmother recipe”: only fresh eggs, 100% Italian top-quality flour, no additives, extruded through bronze dyes and dried slowly at low temperature. It is not possible to compare it with commercial products. The results are not quickly visible to the casual observer who looks at two packages and sees a nice old-style label on each and a price two or three times lower labeled on one of them. But believe me, the results are incredibly different. You just need to taste it to understand the real flavor of a pasta prepared with fresh raw materials and ancient techniques!
Where to find it: supermarkets and food shops


2) Rocca dei Forti: Get to Know Sparkling Wines from Le Marche

Most wine lovers assume “if it is Italian & bubbly, then it must be Prosecco”. I can’t blame them, as Prosecco is the number one sparkling wine of Italy in production and export numbers. But there is so much more to sparkling wines in Italy than this one. The roots of Rocca Dei Forti sink deep into this territory with a very old sparkling wine tradition. Let’s see just some of them:

Bollicine di Passerina: This brut wine, made exclusively with grapes from the Marche and Abruzzo regions, stands out for its touch of tartness and is a perfect match with aperitifs, white meat dishes, as well as fish and some kinds of cheese.

Bollicine di Verdicchio D.O.C The sparkling wine from the most famous grape variety in Le Marche is made with native grapes grown in the hills, destined for the production of Verdicchio DOC. Bollicine di Verdicchio is a Brut sparkling wine that triumphs with its decisive and dry taste. It is perfect with aperitifs and fish dishes. 

Rocca dei Forti has a large variety of sparkling wines, included Prosecco and Cuvée n°1. This last one is done with a selection of Riesling and Chardonnay grapes from the prestigious Oltrepò Pavese wine growing area and it’s one of their top products.
Ready to explore excellent Italian sparkling wines?
Where to find it: wine shops and some supermarkets


3) La Nef:  a bridge between Le Marche and Scandinavia, just for gourmet appetites.

Grilled, smoked, roasted or skillet-cooked, what’s your favorite dish of salmon?
Tender and versatile, salmon is the centerpiece of many traditional dishes all over the world. La Nef is a company that represents an important bridge between Le Marche and Scandinavia.
High quality is the operative word for La Nef, that has one of the most famous premium salmon fillets in this region, La Coda Nera. Many local chefs use this product to prepare their brilliant dishes. La Bottega del Mare is another kind of tasty smoked salmon available also in supermarkets. The fish has never been frozen and the traditional smoking process is done with beech wood. Perfect for finger food and appetizers.
Of course, it is not zero km food, but first-class salmon deserves a gastronomic experience!
Where to find it: La coda nera is a raw material used in one of the most famous restaurants in the Conero, Il Molo, at Portonovo. Here you have the perfect combination of local cuisine technics and this premium fish. This restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful beaches in the Conero: here you can engage all the senses. You can also buy it in some wine shops and special food shops, like L’Enoteca Azzurra at Numana.
You can find La Bottega del Mare in the main supermarkets.


4) Hoplà : your little dose of happiness

I need to admit, I was not a dessert lover, but that was before moving to Italy!
Sweets are incredibly delicious here and be aware that sticking to a diet in Italy could be very difficult as a result! But some food companies decided to support sweet lovers creating healthy and light products, like the Hoplà vegetable-fat based products. This company, 100% from Marche, created ready-sweetened products for whipping and cooking, all gluten-free.
During the X-dinner, I tasted the delightful panettone with Chantilly cream. The flavor was exquisite and the ingredients lighter: perfect for a complete menu without guilt. Let’s be honest: sweetness and happiness usually are paired together; don’t you agree?
Where to find it: supermarkets


5) Acqua Frasassi: water comes from the heart of Le Marche
In many countries, water is just water whether it is sparkling or regular. It doesn’t happen in Italy! When you sit down at a restaurant, the waiter will normally ask if you would like your water naturale, frizzante or effervescente (flat, sparkling or slightly sparkling). Between these categories, there are many different brands with distinctive proposals and tastes.
Urban Italians are used to drink bottled water. Not because it’s bottled, but because it comes from 
real mountain springs and just tastes better. Could sounds exaggerated, but water’s taste in this county is something serious.
Usually I prefer to buy products of the territory when I’m in a specific region, mineral water included. In Le Marche, we have the Frasassi Caves, the largest cave systems in Europe. It is an impressive show of stalactites spread along 1500 meters of accessible caverns. Here the Acqua Frasassi flows, being enriched along the way by precious minerals and micro-elements. So, you can imagine how the water that comes from that is both pure and healthy!
Acqua Frasassi comes from the green heart of the Marche region and are protected by guardians of an incredible natural treasure.
Beauty, natural wonders and gastronomy make a winner combination in the Marche Region!

Where to find it: supermarkets


Identifying local products and recognizing local brands are ways to step into local life and could be a personal contribution to the local economy during your travel. Each corporation creates in the territory conditions to sustain the community, manufacturers, farmers and helps to preserve cultural heritage and traditions. Let’s be part of it!

I would like to thank the X-place a digital agency that perfectly organized this social dinner, engaging 40 bloggers, 9 Italian food companies and several digital experts. The companies shared with us a little piece of their history and their best products with a friendly and open approach. Other high-quality Italian companies were engaged as Noberasco, Latteria Merano, Madeo, and Alpeker. The special location was the Hotel La Fonte, a suggestive place in the heart of Portonovo. Thank you all for this amazing (and tasteful) experience!
This post was written in collaboration with the X-place digital agency and all opinions are 100% mine.
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