Six Good Reasons to visit the Marche region in Italy

It seems crazy, but not so many people know the different little paradises hidden in the Marche region, in Italy.

The Marche region hides incredible scenarios, unspoiled landscapes, hidden villages, and may authentic little places not contaminated by globalization and frenzy. Here I saw some of the most beautiful sunsets in my life, I met nice and kind people, and I almost had an accident while driving, bewitched by the beauty of the sunflower fields. I have done some very simple, but unforgettable things, experiences that have only reinforced the value of simplicity, present in this part of Italy.
I had already stated it earlier on my blog: I am not native of the Marche region, but I love this region enough to decide to live here. Every day I discover fantastic little spots hidden in this beautiful region. My Marche wish list increases day after day!

Since it is difficult for me to describe in a single post all the reasons why I think you should plan your trip here as soon as possible, I have prepared a short list for you. Believe the word of a not native to the Marche region who chose to live here without knowing anyone in this territory!

•    Nature lovers will not be disappointed! Breathtaking views, unspoiled sceneries, beautiful wild beaches, sandy beaches and family-friendly ones, national and regional parks, natural reserves, fantastic hills and mountains, rivers, lakes. I could go on for hours.

•    There are plenty of alternatives for sports enthusiasts or for those who simply want to train their bodies and minds. Hiking, trekking, horseback riding, cycling, mountain biking, canyoning, golf, descending towards the coast, sailboat, windsurfing, SUP, canoeing. There are so many activities available!

•    There are many, authentic, simple, and welcoming little places. From the farmhouse where you can sleep, eat, and buy farm-to-table fruits and vegetables, to the small family-managed restaurant, where you can chat with the owners and bring home a special memory.

•    It is a cultural, historical and artistic region. There are many hidden villages, underground caves, walled cities, museums, exhibitions. The Marche region in Italy distinguishes itself by its many famous personalities at an international level, who have left an important legacy in literature, art, science and many other fields. Raffaello Sanzio, Giacomo Leopardi, and Maria Montessori are just a few examples.

•    The Marche natives are friendly, nice, discreet and welcoming. We are of course talking about a whole region and each country has a different characteristic. I am not sure the Marche natives would describe themselves in this way, but I have so far found some common denominators: kindness, sympathy, and their discreet and welcoming way of living.

•    The cuisine of the Marche Region never disappoints! I know it is difficult to find a place where food is not good in Italy, but if you like the northern and southern Italian cuisine, imagine how can be the cuisine of a region that unites both of them, where you go from over 2000 m to the sea in just over an hour. The cuisine of the Marche region is a nice mosaic of vineyards, olive groves, wheat fields and sea…

What about it? Would you like to organize a trip here?
Here I live you a brief taste of what I told you. I look forward to you!

Photo Borgo Montemaggiore Credits @Borgo Montemaggiore