Marche Secret Tour: 8 Unforgettable things to do in Marche Italy

Rolling hills in all shades of green and brown, tiny villages with beautiful houses, medieval hilltop towns, kilometers of vineyards and olive trees, breathtaking beaches alongside the blue sea, wonderful food and exquisite wine…. It’s not possible to see everything that Marche has to offer in one trip – but a selection of the region's highlights is a great place to start. Last week I took part in the Marche Secret Tour and here I’m sharing with you my pick of the unforgettable things to do in Marche, including the name of the warm people I’ve met:

1. Get lost in the small streets of the territory and discover new hidden gems.
For me, one of the best things about Marche is getting lost in the small streets of the territory and then discovers new hidden gems: beautiful and ancient villages where we can feel a different atmosphere from everywhere else in the world.
What’s the last hidden gem I’ve discovered?
 Monsampietro Morico, a secret medieval village located in the Province of Fermo. In this place, you can enjoy peaceful surroundings and experience life in a rural, unspoiled Marche environment.


2. Just taste typical local food. 
One of the most interesting aspects of traveling is to try typical food, to discover their origin and their secrets. Marche is an incredible Italian wine and food destination. Rarely you'll find in this region a classical tourist menu. The Marche Region has a lot of traditional dishes; each small country could have a specialty. Moscioli (wild mussels typical of the Conero area), “Maialino" (tasty and crispy pork) and ciausculo (a variety of salame typical of the Marche region and famous for being a type of spreadable food) are just some of the traditional must-eat foods.

Maialino (local tasty and crispy pork)

3. Book a cooking class. 
How about learning to make pasta from scratch? Or learning a little more about a local recipe through a one day class? 
I’ve had the great opportunity to taste an excellent private dinner prepared by a food blogger who lives in Marche, Ilaria Cappellacci (Le Ricette Svelate). She also organizes private cooking classes, which is not only focused on classic Italian food but also specialized in local recipes. You will be able to recreate a small piece of your holiday and surprise your friends and family with a real authentic Italian meal.
Below, you can find one of her special recipes made exclusively with local materials, secret techniques, and love, an important ingredient. Ilaria is happy, genuine and brilliant as her food. 

@credits Massimo Ciscato

4. Taste local pasta, 100% made in Marche. 
Wide, narrow, long or short, simple or filled, with or without egg…how do you like it? 

The production of pasta is something Marche can be proud of. In my opinion, one of the best local pasta is La Campofilone, located in another small city in the province of Fermo. They made dry egg pasta just with eggs and wheat of their own production, 100% made in Italy and done with the traditional production process.What is the first word to describe this handicraft? Slowness, ‘The time it needs’. For Enzo Rossi, Campofilone’s owner, his dream is to bring farming culture back to the center of food culture. With the heart of a family-owned company but with the expertise and skills of a company which exports Italian pasta all over the world. La Campofilone was chosen to represent the Italian pasta inside the FICO Eataly World, the world’s largest agri-food park located in Bologna.
 I recommend you to taste Maccheroncini di Campofilone, local pasta which is now an internationally recognized IGP. Its name could bring you a wrong idea of this pasta’s shape, as its narrow and long but it’s delicious!

Tips: The packaging is so attractive, that it can be a smart alternative to the regular keepsake from your vacation. Believe me; your friends will really appreciate the box and above all, the content!

Maccheroninci La Campofilone by Le Ricette Svelate

5. Shop handmade shoes and belts. 
Ask anyone what they think of when they think of Italy. The top two things that come to mind will be food and style. Press them further about style, and they will mention fashion and shoes.
In Marche, we are fully aware that this region is 
home to the best Italian shoes, many of which are handmade by artisans. Yes, they still exist! I had the pleasure of meeting one personally, Elia Ciccalè, a young artist who combines love for his traditions, design, and inspiration. He created Ciccalè, a small company with local blood and roots. If you want to buy a handmade shoe, he will study your foot, project the shoes and create manually the colors. And he will ship it to you in your country after 5/6 months of work. If you use it once, you’ll no longer want to use industrial shoes.
His heart and eyes are well trained to seek beauty, originality, and the quality of ancient traditions as his land teaches and inspires him.

6. Visit an artisanan ancient craft on the brink of extinction. 
Artisans are not just skilled craft workers that create products using their hands. Artisans are like artists; they use their skills and creativity to create unique and beautiful pieces. 
  • Porcelain & terracotta: I met Massimo Franco, a local craftsman who has been working with it since he was 14 years old. He safeguards traditions, old techniques, and many secrets. Terracotta jar has been the oldest form of preservation of wine and transportation of water in the past. Massimo explained and showed us the process of working the earth’s clay in producing characteristic red terracotta and porcelain. How can a tourist recognize a real handcraft souvenir? Can you share with us a tip? “Imperfection!” said Massimo, meanwhile he was showing me a set of cups with clear different sizes. “For us each piece is unique." And for me, this was a unique and unforgettable experience.

  • Handmade jewelsItalian artisans express their history and their passion through their work. They provide a unique interpretation, and many of them are now offering modern takes on old forms of handmade jewel. Last week I met Alice Canapa (Eilish) , from Osimo in Marche. Alice is plenty of personality, sweet and ironic at the same time, as her jewels. I loved her handcrafted custom brass bracelets. Do you want an original idea? You can order typical Italian words, like mamma mia (it is used to express exasperation, fear, joy, and excitement), Auguri (can be used to say happy birthday), Jemo (meaning “let’s go!” used in some areas of Marche or Daje (meaning ‘come on!’ The Roman version of the Italian word dai, but also used in the Marche region). It could be an original suggestion for a travel souvenir.

7. Visit a local winery and its vineyards and taste the typical wines.
In Italy, drinking wine is a part of everyday life. It's part of the ritual of dinner in particular, and in fact, any sommelier you meet will tell you that the most important thing about wine is how you pair it with food. 
Wine is undoubtedly one of the most typical of products "made in Marche, "and of such high quality and excellence as to be appreciated and exported all over the world. So, wine tasting is a must during your trip here!
I met the local sommelier Manuel Pasquali, who was representing the excellent 
Vittorini wines during a wine tour between the vineyards. He gave us a lot of interesting information and tips. Are you ready for the insights?
  • The most famous typical wines in the Marche Region: Verdicchio, Rosso Conero, Rosso Piceno, Lacrima di Morro d’Alba, Vernaccia, Passerina, Pecorino.
  • 2018 wine predictions: local winemakers are picking their grapes and predicting a “very good year” for wine production though prices are expected to remain flat or decline slightly after a spike in 2017, due to a particularly poor harvest. Climatic conditions have been ideal this year.
  • An important regional wine festival: Senigallia wine Festival, usually organized at the end of the summer.

8. Stay, relax and sleep in a Farmhouse in the middle of the Marche hills.

Would you like to escape hectic city life and chill out in a Marche farmhouse with a pool in front of rolling hills in all shades of green? Would you like to taste each morning fresh bread and handmade “brioche” and have a quiet chat with the warm and pleasant family who lives there?
I can describe many aspects of this dreamy place, but I decided to introduce you Michela and Massimo. They’re a couple from Milan who had decided to leave hectic city life and move to Sant’Epilio Morico with their kids (for me such a coincidence!).
Driven by the desire of a real life change, they decided to live there, in a corner of Italy not yet explored which they unexpectedly began to call "home”; our little corner of the world." 
They started working on a project of a synergetic garden, taking care of an ultra-centenarian olive grove and all other aspects that a quiet but intense country life requires. Working on a farm, taking care of your home full time and rediscovering the most basic needs of nature is not easy ... but the satisfaction of "coming back to life" is priceless: they have felt finally free!
"Here we can feel we’re doing something really important, taking care of our little corner of the world." I can stay hours talking about them and how I deeply understand their life choices…Now, I can say I’m not the only insane person who decided to leave a carrier in a fantastic company, in a beautiful and important city to live a simpler life in Marche.
What else can I say about Michela and Massimo? Usually, I can recognize genuine people: they don’t need shiny, fancy stuff in order to feel good. They know who they are. 
I’m sure this happy family will know how to make you feel good in their wonderful farmhouse “
Biancopecora. Between vineyards, handmade breakfast and olive trees.

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The organization
The Marche Secretour was organized by Angels events & PR that gave us the opportunity of living these unforgettable experiences in Marche. 
Angels Events & PR is a boutique agency specialized in planning private and business events. The owners Antonella, Simona, and Nicoletta are pleasant, professional and they organize different kind of events in Italy: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, hen and stag parties and meetings. They’re also specialized in promoting hidden gems of Italy, emphasizing the identity of small villages, local artists, farmers and accommodations.
With an expert eye, I can deeply understand the hard work behind it, notice all the attention to the details, and above all, I can recognize when someone works with passion.
There is nothing more rewarding than the end result: seeing people enjoying themselves; seeing everyone connecting and sharing a unique experience. It was also a pleasure to have met the great food bloggers Chiara, Licia, Nunzia, Serena, and Tamara. 
Thank you, Antonella, Simona, and Nicoletta, for creating this emotional journey. 

#incollaborationwith  This post is a result of the collaboration with Angels Events & PR and the Comune of Monsampietro Morico 


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I moved to Italy in 2006. In 2017, I left a carrier as PR manager in a multinational company in Milan to live with my family in Le Marche, central Italy. It was a life choice!


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