About me

Juliana de Brito

I’m a citizen of the world: a mix of Brazil, China and Portugal (believe me, cultural differences usually don’t scary me ☺).

I moved to Italy in 2006. In 2017, I left a carrier in Milan to live with my family in Le Marche, central Italy.
It was a life choice!

I worked for 10 year as PR Manager in a multinational toys company in Milan. Now I have a comunication and events company and togheter with a local travel consultant /tour operator, we're working with an Incoming Project in the Marche Region (private tours, private travel requests and events).

Why Marche?
We imagined our ideal place to live in Italy and we decided to search for it for one year.
Fortunately, we found it and here I am : I deeply love this region. My feelings? Home is where your heart is.
I Love
  • Nature
  • Genuine people
  • Simplicity
  • Traveling
  • Cultural diversity
  • Stepping outside my comfort zone (not always!).
  • A good glass of wine and good food
  • Italy!
Through this blog, you can explore with me this wonderful Italian region from my external and passionate point of view.
Are you ready to discover Le Marche with me?