Nice Little Place

My husband and I always lived in large cities. Therefore, we have chosen to live in the Marche region, a human-sized reality full of amazing nice little places. Not to mention the breathtaking nature.  Here, you enter in the bakery shop and you say “hi” to everyone. Your neighbor welcomes you bringing a bottle of oil of his own production. This human side is fading in the frantic realities of the cities, but it is still alive in so many small places in Italy and in the whole world.

After moving, the idea hit me. Why not share those scenarios with other people? It would be nice to succeed in giving some good tips to the travelers looking for an experience distant from the impersonal tourism. It would be great to share destinations and places that can tell something special. An imprint, a taste, a particular location or a simple experience, by now forgotten and difficult to experiment.

Welcome to Nice Little Place, the living room’s door is open. Between the different subjects here, you will find stories and indications to spend a relaxing weekend in the middle of nature, for a romantic escape or for some days full of great adventures to live together with your friends and family. The aim is to bring home an authentic, everlasting memory.